What our Customers Say

Ian R, Online Customer:

I ordered a MedSurg Medical Surgical shoe and Peg-Assist Off-loading insole for my father who has a very deformed foot.  He is delighted with it as it affords a great deal of comfort when walking.  He is so pleased with it I have just ordered the same for the other foot.  The V-M Orthotics team were very helpful and easy to deal with.  5 star service – would thoroughly recommend.

Peter W, Online Customer:

My wife recently had an operation on a broken toe, after the operation my wife was provided with a post-operative shoe that was only suitable to enable her to return home. We found it very difficult to make the shoe secure which prompted us to look for a suitable replacement.

As a result of our research we found the DARCO range of post-operative footwear and contacted V-M Orthotics for additional information regarding suitability.  We spoke with a very helpful lady who helped us and gave us advice on the best suitable shoe for this type of operation. As a result we ordered the DARCO Relief Dual Shoe and it was delivered as promised the next day.

My wife found the shoe to be extremely comfortable  and felt safe and secure, which enabled her to regain her mobility.

At her post operation visit  with her orthopaedic consultant two weeks after the operation, we showed the shoe to him and he immediately said that he had used the DARCO products many times and recommended the shoe for her recovery.

We would like to thank you for the excellent service and support and we thoroughly recommend the DARCO Relief Dual Shoe.

Regina T, Online Customer:

After my toe operation, I was initially provided with a boot that was the equivalent of the DARCO MedSurg Surgical Shoe by the hospital, I got used to this boot with the bandages on. However after the bandages were removed, and with advice from the doctor to have limited weight bearing on the operated toe for a further 8 weeks, walking without the bandages with the medical shoe no longer gave me any comfort, support or the necessary offloading I needed.

After researching what was available on the market,  I discovered the DARCO Relief Dual® Plus shoe – which suited my purposes:

–          High ankle support > ✓

–          EVA shock absorbing sole >  ✓

As I am a Size 4 (Small) and the Medium was a size 4.5 onwards, I was unsure as to which size to purchase. V-M Orthotics was very helpful and checked the exact dimensions for the inner sole and after comparing it to the dimensions of my existing shoe, I should have ordered the Size S. However, I finally decided to order the Size M instead as it is currently winter, and I knew I would be going outdoors with at least 2 pairs of socks, so wanted to make sure that there was enough room to accommodate this. V-M Orthotics provided amazing customer service. They called me after they received my online order to confirm that I indeed wanted the Size M as our conversation indicated that a Size S would have been the correct one. They however, reassured me that I could return the shoe if the fit was wrong.

I was initially surprised how big the shoe looked when it arrived, however decided to still try it on to check the fit anyway. I was pleased when I realised that with the (i) high ankle support (ii) EVA sole (iii) padded straps and (iv) thicker rubber sole compared to my existing shoe, meant my foot was now all swaddled up like a newborn and overall I definitely feel very supported and protected when I am standing/walking with it.

So overall no regrets getting the Relief Dual® Plus shoe from V-M Orthotics as my post-op recovery shoe, and much appreciation to V-M Orthotics for their care in providing me with the relevant information for my purchase.

Jason Brown, Customer from Hartlepool:
“I wanted to congratulate you on your excellent customer service, fast delivery and friendly staff. My father has recently had foot surgery and your DARCO OrthoWedge with matching TwinBalance Shoe that I purchased for him have meant that he now can move around independently and without the pain and discomfort that he has been suffering with for many weeks. Thank you.”

Margaret Barry, Customer from Milford-on-Sea:
“I had the Body Armor Pro Term Boot after surgery. At first I wondered if I would be able to even put the boot on unaided but now I can put it on with ease, even in the dark! Without the Boot I would have been unable to come home as I live alone. The Boot and matching TwinBalance Shoe have enabled me to be independent and live my life again. It is an excellent design and gives security that the wound is not being damaged whilst healing. Thank you for your prompt despatch of the spare liner.”

Sarah Jane Nye, Customer from Warfield, Berkshire:
“I received my Twinshoe this morning. Thanks for the amazing service. This is going to make my life so much easier during my recovery from toe surgery. For the first time in a week I actually feel more balanced when I’m walking now. ”

Anonymous Customer:
“After splitting my peroneal tendon and tearing ligaments in my ankle I was in a great deal of pain. Almost immediately my pain reduced once the DARCO Body Armor Vario Ankle Support was on my foot. It is comfortable to wear and has greatly reduced my pain level. I would recommend this brace to anyone who has been told a conservative method is needed”.