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DARCO – A clinician’s perspective of using the DARCO Body Armor® Heel Reliever
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DARCO – Customising a WCS®/WCS® Light insole

DARCO Product Videos

Web Ankle Brace

This video provides you with information about the Web Ankle Brace and how to properly apply it.

PegAssist® Insole Off-loading Insole

This video includes all features and customisation options of the PegAssist® Insole.

Body Armor Heel Reliever®

This video includes all features and customisation options of the new Body Armor® Heel Reliever.

Puzzle Insole® Modular Insole

The features and customization options of the Puzzle Insole® are explained in this clip.

Body Armor® Night Splint Splinting System

An educational video about the dorsal night splint from DARCO. All features and characteristics of the Body Armor® Night Splint, as well as its application, are explained in this.

TAS® (Toe Alignment Splint)

You can see the functions and options of the TAS® (Toe Alignment Splint) in this video. Correct fitting is also shown.

OrthoWedge Off-loading Shoe

“How to walk properly in a forefootoff-loading shoe”

The features of the OrthoWedge from DARCO and a gait analysis on “How do I walk properly in a forefoot off-loading shoe?” are explained in this video.

WCS® Wound Care Shoe

This video provides you with information about the WCS® Wound Care Shoe for diabetic patients and how to fit it and the options for customization.

Relief Insert Walker Lower Leg/Foot Orthosis

The Relief Insert Walker immobilises the foot and ankle after surgery, while simultaneously promoting the patient’s mobility.

Commodus Open®

In recent times DARCO have been asked about the need for a therapeutic shoe that leaves the forefoot area as free as possible. In response to this request, we have developed a healing shoe that allows the patient safe mobility without any external pressure on the forefoot.

Relief Dual® Plus Off-loading Shoe

The Relief Dual® Plus is an adaptation of the Relief Dual®. The sole structure of the two shoe variants are identical however the Relief Dual® Plus is distinguished by a 64% higher shaft and an adjustable heel cap. These adaptations make it an attractive post-operative and post-traumatic shoe.