PegContour® Insole Off-loading Cushion Insole

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For pressure redistribution and selective off-loading

The effective, three-dimensional insole system for full pressure distribution as well as optional selective off-loading

  • Optimal pressure redistribution through its transverse arch and medial and lateral longitudinal arch
  • Targeted off-loading by removing individual pegs
  • Right and left version available (sold individually)

Removal of individual pegs enables a customised fit – postoperatively or for acute wound care.


For AllRound Shoe®
XS (4-5.5), S (6-7), M (7.5-8.5), L (9-10), XL (10.5-11.5), XXL (12-13)

For MedSurg, Relief Dual®
Women: WS (up to 4), WM (4.5-5.5), WL (6 – 7.5)
Men: MS (6-7.5), MM (8-9), ML (9.5-10.5), MXL (11-12)


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  • For use after hallux valgus and small toe surgeries (Austin, Akin, Scarf, Weil, Hohmann, etc.)
  • Talipes valgus, flat foot, splayfoot
  • Angioneuropathic changes of the foot in combination with mild foot deformities
Additional indications for the blue sole (Square-Toe):
Selective off-loading for:
  • Plantar lesions in the forefoot or midfoot area
  • Plantar ulcers/ulcer prevention in the forefoot or midfoot area
  • Pressure points in the forefoot or midfoot area
Additional indications for the black sole (Round-Toe):
  • Heel wounds
  • Heel spurs (plantar fasciitis)
  • Healing of ulcers in the heel area (rearfoot ulcers)
  • Postoperative use and treatment of the heel


  • Effective insole system for plantar pressure relief in acute care
  • Pressure can be reduced by up to 55 %
  • Optimal pressure redistribution is achieved through the contours


  • Soft lengthwise and crosswise sole covering made of functional polyester
  • Customisable PU material
  • Customised fit through the removal of single pegs
  • Available for the right and left foot


For AllRound Shoe®
XS (4-5.5), S (6-7), M (7.5-8.5), L (9-10), XL (10.5-11.5), XXL (12-13)

For MedSurg, Relief Dual®
Women: WS (4.5-5.5), WM (6-7), WL (7.5-8.5)
Men: MS (up to 8), MM (8.5-10), ML (10.5-12), MXL (12.5-14)

Plantar pressure measurement PegContour® Insole

Neutral (Ballet-Style Shoe) vs. PegContour® Insole


AllRound Shoe® Closed long-term Healing Shoe
MedSurg Healing Shoe
Relief Dual® Off-loading Shoe

Size Guide

Blue Square Toe Insole For MedSurg, Relief Dual®

SizeUK Shoe SizeProduct Code Left InsoleProduct Code Right Insole
Mens Smallup to 8PCI-M1-LPCI-M1-R
Mens Medium8.5-10PCI-M2-LPCI-M2-R
Mens Large10.5-12PCI-M3-LPCI-M3-R
Mens X-Large12.5-14PCI-M4-LPCI-M4-R
Womens Smallup to 4PCI-W1-LPCI-W1-R
Womens Medium4.5-5.5PCI-W2-LPCI-W2-R
Womens Large6-7.5PCI-W3-LPCI-W3-R

Black Round Toe Insole For AllRound Shoe®

SizeUK Shoe SizeProduct Code Left InsoleProduct Code Right Insole

Additional information

For Shoes

For AllRound Shoe®, For MedSurg, MedSurg Pro®, Relief Dual®


Men’s Large, Men’s Medium, Men’s Small, Men’s X-Large, Women’s Large, Women’s Medium, Women’s Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large


For Left, For Right

Instructions for Use

DARCO Instructions for Use PegContour®
Download: Insole-Flyer “Pressure relief with DARCO insole systems” (PDF)
Download: Flyer “Say goodbye to the forefoot plateau! Postoperative care – newly defined” (PDF)
Download: Flyer “AllRound Shoe® Closed, long-term Healing Shoe” (PDF)

Declaration of Conformity

PegContour Insole Declaration of Conformity

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