MA Spacer (MIS Akin Spacer)

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The MA Spacer is used after toe surgery to separate the first phalanx from the second phalanx to ensure a successful surgical outcome. An overcorrection of approximately 10 degrees should be achieved. The MA Spacer is also suitable for use beyond the phase in which patients wear a special off-loading shoe. In regular, tighter footwear, the spacer prevents the contact pressure from M I or M II through the shoe until the correction is completely ossified. Taping alone, on the other hand, does not counteract the pressure exerted by the footwear.

The MA Spacer is sold individually. If you would like to order a box containing 20 units then please contact us.

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  • Postoperative treatment after minimally invasive Akin Osteotomy without osteosynthesis material
  • Conservative treatment of Hallux Valgus


  • Large-scale skin injuries
  • Open wounds with danger of infection
  • Unclear diagnoses
  • Allergic skin reactions to silicone

The product consists of biocompatible silicone and has been tested according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5 ‘Biological evaluation of medical devices’


  • Silicone. 32 Shore-00
  • soft, adapts to the toe contour
  • no limited shelf life
  • closed porous, therefore having an extremely repellent surface

Instructions for Use

DARCO_Instructions For Use MA Spacer

Declaration of Conformity

MA Spacer Declaration of Conformity