Body Armor® Stirrup Walker

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DARCO’s innovative outsole features a continuous layer of EVA foam, a material commonly used in athletic footwear, to the insoled outsole of the footwear in a single, continuous foam layer. This results in:

  • Better shock absorption to protect the foot from harmful forces that disrupt healing
  • More durable sole to maintain shape & thickness throughout the healing process
  • A lightweight walker providing comfort during healing
  • No delamination; the sole components will not separate over time, to ensure product integrity & continued use
  • Please note that we have a small number of white walkers in stock but will in future be supplying them in a grey version only



Featuring DARCO’s innovative outsole design, the Body Armor® Stirrup Walker delivers on comfort throughout the healing process. Made from a continuous layer of high-rebounding EVA foam, DARCO outsole holds its shape and thickness over time to deliver lasting comfort and protection you can reply on.


  • Postoperative immobilisation
  • Trauma care – strains and sprains of the lower leg, ankle or foot
  • Stress fractures
  • Soft tissue injury

Product Options

  • Available in 4 sizes – fits both the right and left foot
  • Available in both a high and low profile version
  • Available with an option for inflation/non inflation
  • We have a small number of white walkers in stock but will in future be supplying them in a grey version only

Size Guide

SizeLow  Non AirHi  Non AirLow  AirHi Air

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Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


High, Low


Air, Non Air

Instructions for Use

Body Armor®Stirrup Walker IFU

Declaration of Conformity

Body Armor®Stirrup Walker Declaration of Conformity

Body Armor®Stirrup Walker (Pneumatic Version) Declaration of Conformity


Please click here for measurement information. Please note that all measurements are provided in inches.

Inside Shoe Dimensions (in inches)
Choice of shoe size is significantly influenced by foot swelling and volume of bandages/cast worn in conjunction with a DARCO product. To ensure the best fit, measure the widths and length of your injured foot (including any dressings) and select the best shoe size using the graphic link above.