Body Armor® Embrace Ankle Brace

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Specifically for those who enjoy active sports. For acute trauma care and rehabilitation

The parallel joint of the brace allows an easy and aligned dorsal extension and plantar flexion of the upper ankle. Strong polypropylene-shells prevent from inversion and eversion movement. The lower strap from distal/lateral to dorsal/proximal prevents the shift of the talus and protects the ligamentum fibulotalare anterius. This is unique for hinged ankle braces and supports joint injury prevention in active sports. We recommend that you do not drive a vehicle while you are wearing this aid.

  • Available in 3 sizes: S (2.5 – 6) M (6.5-10) L (10.5 – 13.5)
  • Colours: Black-Grey
  • Easy to use hook and loop Y-closure system
  • Available for the left or right foot (sold individually)



  • Distorsion trauma of the upper ankle joint
  • Conservative ankle rehabilitation
  • Insufficiencies of the upper ankle joint and capsule-ligament complex
  • Postoperative protection after ligament suturing


  • Prevents supination and pronation of the ankle
  • Prevents prolapse of the talus
  • Protects the anterior talofibular ligament
  • Compresses the mortise
  • Prevention of chronic instability

Size Guide

SizeProduct Code (left)Product Code (right)
Small (2.5 – 6)EB1B-LEB1B-R
Medium (6.5-10)EB2B-LEB2B-R
Large (10.5 – 13.5)EB3B-LEB3B-R

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Small, Medium, Large


Left Foot, Right Foot

Instructions for Use

DARCO Instructions for Use Body Armor® Embrace

Declaration of Conformity

Body Armor® Embrace Ankle Brace Declaration of Conformity