Our Covid-19 Statement

Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic now forms part of our standard business policy. We would like to give you some basic information about our current position:

V-M Orthotics Ltd is fully able to deliver. We have also not experienced any corona-related restrictions or bottlenecks. We rigorously monitor our supply chains and continuously evaluate our stock levels.

Prudent personnel management is an important factor during these times. Allaying fears and motivating staff ensures a team of committed employees. Through strict cost control measures and by reviewing upcoming projects, we can currently rule out corona-related redundancies. We also have not cancelled any plans for new initiatives that were in the pipeline before the pandemic, even though there has inevitably been some delays in some project implementation.

V-M Orthotics Ltd is here for you during standard business hours with a complete complement of staff. We insist on, and provide, safe and effective working practices with appropriate PPE and safe distance working procedures . To date, there have also been no confirmed COVID-19 cases in the entire hg DARCO Group.

We continue to monitor global developments regarding the virus and closely align our business practice with these. Appropriate measures are taken based on these findings. These directly impact both internal processes and our activities in the marketplace.
Of course, V-M Orthotics Ltd, like the entire industry, has to cope with a reduction in sales. But, with a reliable team, we maintain a positive outlook for the future.

Stay healthy.