WOUNDS UK Annual Conference 4-6 November 2019

The theme of this year’s WOUNDS UK Annual Conference which takes place between 4-6 November 2019 is ‘Integrated strategies and solutions for quality outcomes.

This joined up approach to working towards shared solutions has served as an impetus for the Woundcare-Circle to take a stand at this year’s event to showcase their shared range of devices and the all important Algorithm.

Woundcare-Circle and the Diabetic Foot Off-Loading Algorithm© – Why is it so important?

The Woundcare-Circle is a global partnership, founded by OPTIMA MOLLITER, Heelift and DARCO. It provides clinicians and patients solutions for the redistribution of pressure at the heel, foot and ankle by enabling the development and dissemination of clinical evidence focusing on best practice centred on a clinically approved therapy programme.

We know that purpose-designed, high-performance,quality footwear is a key factor in the treatment of the diabetic foot (DF). Off-loading is essential to the  healing process and good quality footwear is important in prevention and maintenance throughout the remission period. In recent years new and promising technologies have become available that have helped improve this care. The launch of the new IWGDF Guidelines on the prevention and management of diabetic foot disease was one of this year’s highlights in The Hague, Netherlands.

The treatment and prevention of diabetic foot ulcers is complex and requires a long-term approach. This is why the Woundcare-Circle developed the Algorithm for an efficient and comprehensive programme of care. Healthcare providers will easily find a path through all diabetic foot phases, identifying appropriate and customisable solutions after having determined symptoms and indications. The Diabetic Foot OffLoading Algorithm© simplifies the process, making it easier to
target the best solution, not only for important cost savings, but more significantly, for the improvement of the quality of life for the patient.

The Diabetic Foot Off-Loading Algorithm© is based on clinically approved therapy programmes and formulated through extensive research and expertise. The easy-to-follow “look-up table” includes different symptoms, indications and product recommendations for prevention and treatment of the DF. Please visit us at Stand 49 of this year’s Wounds UK Conference for further information. www.woundcare-circle.com