The New Relief Insert® Walker

We welcome the latest product to our DARCO portfolio – The Relief Insert® Walker which provides immobilisation for the foot and ankle following surgery, while simultaneously promoting a patient’s mobility. Available in 3 women’s sizes and 4 men’s sizes. The walker comprises three devices in one; a removable and adjustable backing splint, a Relief Dual® Shoe and a Relief Contour Insole (which comes in a left or right).

Product Indications:

  • TMT 1 Arthrodesis (Lapidus Arthrodesis)
  • post foot fracture surgery
  • post rear-foot surgery
  • post metatarsal fracture surgery
  • post ankle ligament rupture
  • after Hallux Rigidus-Valgus surgery
  • after Hammer-Claw toe surgery
  • fractures of the phalanges
  • ligament rupture of the ankle joint

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