MA Spacer (MIS Akin Spacer) – Coming Soon

DARCO  is soon to launch a brand new device – the MA Spacer designed to provide a better surgical outcome following minimally invasive hallux valgus surgery (MIS Akin osteotomy without osteosynthesis material). Made from soft viscoelastic silicone, the MA Spacer fixes the corrected toes while adapting to the contours of the foot. Its comfortable, biocompatible non-slip material is washable and can be disinfected, if required. Also can be used for the conservative treatment of hallux valgus. Can be worn on the left or right foot.

Suggestions for post operative care: 

  • used one week after surgery: taping and use of the toe separator
  • for approximately 4-6 weeks: change the tape weekly and, while doing so, clean and reuse the MA Spacer
  • from week 7: independent use of the toe separator by the patient for approximately 4 weeks

More information to follow.