Keeping even little feet healthy

As well as supplying an ever growing range of adult footwear, walkers and ankle devices we also sell a number of cast shoes, post operative shoes and boots for young children.

We at DARCO appreciate and understand that children’s casts in particular are subject to intensive use. The SlimLine® Paediatric Cast Boot offers specific protection of the cast against dirt, deterioration and rapid fading. While our Cast Boot Paediatric is a cheerful cast boot for children optimising and supporting a childs gait through its rounded sole and protecting the cast or bandage from getting grubby. Also included in our childrens range is the Medsurg Paediatric Healing shoe and the  Orthowedge Paediatric Off-loading Shoe. Please see our childrens section for more information.

If you have any specific questions please do get in touch we are always happy to answer any questions that you may have.