DARCO launches their new open healing shoe – Commodus Open®

Commodus Open®

In recent times DARCO have been asked about the need for a therapeutic shoe that leaves the forefoot area as free as possible. In response to this request, we have developed a healing shoe that allows the patient safe mobility without any external pressure on the forefoot. The Commodus Open® thus complements our portfolio in the field of wound care as a fast and economic solution in postoperative and diabetic foot care, with emphasis on the forefoot area. The name Commodus Open® is derived from the Latin word “commodus” meaning: appropriate, functional, fitting, suitable, comfortable, light, able to adapt something.

Please contact us if you would like to receive a free of charge sample which we would be very happy to provide. In return we simply request some brief feedback in the form of a testimonial for future marketing purposes.


Due to its open design, the Commodus Open® is particularly suitable for the treatment of
post-operative wounds and lesions located medially at the MTP1 joint, laterally at the
MTP V joint and in the entire dorsal and plantar forefoot. The Commodus Open® is
designed to stabilise the foot and provides shock and pressure redistribution after
surgery or other wounds.


  • Lesions medial at the MTP I joint, lateral at the MTP V joint and the entire dorsal and plantar forefoot area
  • For wound care
  • For postoperative care
  • Arthritis


  • Open fractures

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Please note that this device is currently only available as a special order product. Please contact us if you would like to receive a free of charge sample.