DARCO announces the launch of the new Relief Dual® Plus Off-loading Shoe

The Relief Dual® Plus is an adaptation of the Relief Dual®. The sole structure of the two shoe variants are identical however the Relief Dual® Plus is distinguished by a 64% higher shaft and an adjustable heel cap. These adaptations make it an attractive post-operative and post-traumatic shoe.

Due to its forefoot relief characteristics, the Relief Dual® Plus is suitable for post-operative care for stabilisation and relief, for example, after  foot osteotomies or trauma and fracture. It can also be used in cases of diabetic foot syndrome, peripheral arterial occlusive disease and neuropathy, and for wound care.

Patients who require greater ankle stabilisation will benefit from a higher shaft. The opening of the heel area makes the Relief Dual® Plus suitable for treatment of wounds on the rear foot and resulting voluminous dressings.

The Relief Dual® Plus has the following additional indications compared to the Relief Dual® Post-operatively after removal of Haglund’s Deformity (also known as Retrocalcaneal Exostosis) and post-operatively for Plantar Fasciitis.

Off-loading shoe with high ankle support. More applications for postoperative management and wound treatment

3 women sizes:
WS (up to 4), WM (4.5-5.5),
WL (6-7.5)

4 men sizes:
MS (up to 8), MM (8.5-10),
ML (10.5-12), MXL (12.5-14)

64% higher profile than the Relief Dual® provides improved foot and ankle support

adjustable heel cap

easily accommodates bulky dressings

for treatment of postoperative forefoot conditions, plantar wounds in the forefoot area and dorsal wounds at the heel

Colour: Grey

Off-loading shoe with high ankle support for orthograde rearfoot stabilityClosure strap goes around the ankleLatest rear entry design due to maximal opening of the shoe
  • high shaft for orthograde rearfoot stability
  • flexible and adjustable heel cap
  • more space, no pressure points
  • soft lining
  • closure strap goes around the ankle
  • strap loops on both sides
  • hook and loop fastener can be cut to desired length
  • latest rear entry design due to maximal opening of the shoe


  • postoperative for stabilisation and offloading after foot surgery procedures
  • postoperative use for removal of Haglund’s exostosis
  • used postoperatively for plantar fasciitis
  • for wound treatment


  • optimal hold and maximum stability due to the high heel cap
  • latest rear entry design due to maximal opening of the shoe
  • there is virtually no movement of the ankle during each step due to continuous, rigid reinforcement of the base of the shoe which ensures greater off-loading of the forefoot.
  • multi-closure option: Extra hook and loop straps optimize the ankle joint with additional support
  • durable, as the shaft is sewn to the outsole
  • generous square cut of the insole protects the toes
  • stable and with an optimal rolling off movement
  • increased negative heel through use of the Puzzle Insole® Modular Insole or the Relief Contour Insole Cushion Insole


  • innovative dual-sole technology: abrasion-resistant, light, shock-absorbing, anti-slip
  • breathable material
  • flexible and adjustable heel cap
  • easily accommodates bulky dressings
  • space for inserts through the removable insole (also diabetescompliant foot bed)
  • low sole height – no compensation shoe necessary
  • can be worn on the right and left

Plantar pressure measurement Relief Dual® Plus Off-loading Shoe:

Pressure measurement neutralPlantar pressure measurement Relief Dual

Neutral (Ballet-Style Shoe) vs. Relief Dual® Plus Off-loading Shoe

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Scale: (N/cm2):



Please note that this device is currently only available as a special order product. Please contact us if you would like to receive a free of charge sample.