Accessories Available for our Medical Footwear

Here at V-M Orthotics we specialise in DARCO foot and ankle products but we also supply a range of interchangeable DARCO insoles for many of our shoes, toe caps for our open toe devices as well as height compensation shoes when wearing our high profile off-loading range.

As we approach the colder wetter weather our DARCO toe caps offer protection from the elements. Click here to discover our complete toe cap range to go with our DARCO open shoes.

Many of our DARCO insoles offer the wearer customisable offloading capability, tailored to suit their individual needs to facilitate healing and as healing progresses. Click here to learn more about our insole range.

For a number of our walker products we also supply additional/spare liners which can be ordered separately. Please click here for further information.

The DARCO TwinShoe® has been designed to complement a healing shoe (such as the OrthoWedge or HeelWedge® Off-loading Shoe). It has been designed to help equalise leg lengths and prevents the tilting of the pelvis due to the higher healing shoe profile. Please click here for more information.

For those who may be in need of toe separators as a consequence of surgery or toes that are close together and crossing over we now supply the MA Spacer which are sold individually as well as in boxes of 20 for clinicians. Made of soft smooth medical silicone these comfortable toe spacers can be used on either the left or the right foot. Click here for further information.