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pegassistcoverThe solution to off-loading pressure from any area of the plantar surface of the foot.

Built around a multi-purpose removable peg insole that effectively off-loads the plantar aspect of the foot, the Darco Peg-Assist System is the cost-effective solution you have been looking for.

The DARCO Peg-Assist System features a multi-indication removable-peg chassis that effectively off‑loads the plantar aspect of the foot after surgery or when wounds are present.

Wound Care 

The perfect choice for the treatment of diabetic ulcerations because it minimises pressure on wounds for faster healing while allowing patients to maintain their mobility.


Watch the video: PegAssist® Insole
Off-loading Insoles - System for selective off-loading

Post Op Care

Eliminates "lever effect" on osteotomies of the first metatarsal by off-loading the first metaphalangeal joint. The insole can also be cut flush with the metatarsal heads to "float" the toes when K‑wires are present.

Pain Management

Provides short-term pain management for patients suffering due to bony abnormalities (e.g. prominent metatarsal heads) or other painful conditions that may later be surgically corrected.

Pressure points


Key Features

Constructed of an 18mm combination of Plastazote®, Poron® and multi-foam to provide the perfect combination of shock absorption and moldability.

Pegs can be removed to off-load pressure from any area of the plantar surface of the foot.

After peg removal, the Poron® cover remains intact to eliminate the incidence of ring oedema and to assist in supporting the area.

The Peg Stabiliser Board adheres to the black side of the insole to keep pegs from collapsing and keep the off-loaded area intact.Cross-section

Pressure reduced by as much as 60% while allowing patient to remain ambulatory.

Removable toe cover helps to ensure that the forefoot remains clean, dry and free of foreign objects.


Size Guide:

For Hi-Boot (Rocker Sole), Heelwedge
Healing Shoe, Orthowedge Healing Shoe,
Slimline Cast Boot (Square Toe)
  For Black Medical-Surgical Shoe
(Square Toe)
Size Product Code Size Product Code
Men's Small
PA0 (PQ0)
Men's Medium
PA1 (PQ1)
Men's Large
PA2 (PQ2)
Men's X-Large
PA3 (PQ3)
Women's Small
PA4 (PQ4)
Women's Medium
The above sizes do not include the removable toe cover
Women's Large