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The OrthoWedge® Healing Shoe

Square toe, off-loading shoe in black

Video: OrthoWedge® Forefoot Off-loading Shoe
How to walk properly in a forefoot off-loading shoe

The OrthoWedge® Healing Shoe is specifically designed to protect the forefoot by reducing the pressure from the metatarsal head and digits during the weight bearing portion of the gait cycle. The patented design of the shoe provides an  off-loading mechanism which allows for faster healing and has a square toe design offering a better fit by eliminating toe overhang.

For added off-loading, the removable Insole can be taken out and fitted with a customised PegAssist™ Insole. The main strapless fastening system can be removed and rotated to provide a left or right overlap with an additional ankle strap to give further comfortable fitting.


Peg-Assist linker
  • used post-operatively to correct  hallux valgus, hammer toes and Tailor's bunions and as a trauma shoe for metatarsal and toe fractures

  • used as a healing shoe for the diabetic and insensitive foot

  • 5 sizes available (adults) 1 size available (childrens)

  • universal fit (left or right)

  • can be worn  with the TwinShoe® Balance Shoe (adult sizes only)

  • can be fitted with the PegAssist™  Insole (adult sizes only)

  • patent protected

Size Guide:

How to measure a foot
Size UK Shoe Size Insole Width Insole Length Product Code
up to 4
8.5 cm
21.5 cm
4.5 - 6
9.5 cm
23.5 cm
6.5 - 8
10.0 cm
25.5 cm
8.5 - 10
10.5 cm
27.5 cm
10.5 - 12.5
11.5 cm
29.5 cm
up to 12.5 children's size
5.0 cm
17.5 cm

twinshoeThis product can be used with the TwinShoe® Balancing Shoe,
click here


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This product can be used with the TwinShoe® Balancing Shoe, click here